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Buggy airport data? Now you can fix it yourself!


Until today, pretty much the only way you could fix a bug in OpenFlights airport data was to submit a bug report, never quite as fast or painless a process as you might hope.  But now, there’s a better way: click on or search for the airport , click the edit icon , tweak the data until you are satisfied and hit “Save changes”.  Previously, this would have give you an error message unless you had actually created the airport in question; now, it will fire off a submission to OpenFlights HQ, where our mad scientists will verify that your suggested change makes sense and either accept or reject it.  Either way, you’ll soon get an e-mail message telling you what happened, and the data will be that much better.

Two caveats: you have to be logged in (the “Save changes” button will be grayed out if you aren’t), and for time being this only works on airports.  If it’s popular enough, we’ll enable this for airlines as well.    Give it a spin and let us know how it works for you!


5 thoughts on “Buggy airport data? Now you can fix it yourself!

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  2. i try add ILD airport twice, but page generate error message….


  3. Didn’t work when I tried to add the IATA Code for Lleida Airport. Only got a message that I should contact support.


  4. Should be fixed now (oops!).


  5. Definitely a big advantage, would like to see this enabled for airlines ASAP (tried to edit HKAirlines but for the moment it’s impossible)


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