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Facebook updates back online, for now


A few weeks back Facebook once again broke the OpenFlights app, this time in style: by deprecating a critical API call, status updates started to aborted halfway through, causing some people to get an incessant stream of spam since the status went through, but the fact that it went through wasn’t recorded.  Gar!  My patience with Facebook long since exhausted, I simply disabled the updater for time being, but fortunately Niko was kind enough to send us a patch that seems to fix the problem and adds in country names to your updates as a bonus.

So, long story short, if you disabled your app because of this problem, you can turn it on again.  But it’s only a matter of time until Facebook breaks it again.


3 thoughts on “Facebook updates back online, for now

  1. I was kind of wondering why flights didn’t update in the last week or two of Jan. – I had some that just didn’t update. I thought maybe it was something I did – perhaps disabling the app by accident – especially seeing no updates here on this blog. I guess this explains it.

    I take it that this is fixed for now, and that my flight next week will update? I guess time will tell.


  2. Not sure what kind of fix was used, but updates still are not going to Facebook for me. I had even removed the app completely when I saw this post, and re-installed. I suggest just getting rid of the whole Facebook app altogether. While I loved this feature, if it’s just going to get our hopes up that it will work, when in reality it doesn’t, there’s really no point.


  3. Yup — in the end, the Facebook app proved unmaintainable, and has now been completely deleted.


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