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Survey: Do you want airline schedule/timetable data?

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Everybody loves free OpenFlights airport, airline and route data, but the single most common request made to OpenFlights is, “Do you have airline schedule data?”  Or airline timetables, flight times, frequencies, or anything else you could derive from a full schedule.  Our answer remains “Sorry, no” — but that may soon change!

So if you would like to see OpenFlights offer schedule data and possibly join our beta test program, please help us out by filling out this short survey:

OpenFlights Airline Schedule Data Survey

All answers will be kept strictly confidential.   Thank you for your continued support!

Scheduling some future excitement,

One thought on “Survey: Do you want airline schedule/timetable data?

  1. It will be very usefull to get a full time schedule of all filght in open data. With such data, it could be way more easy to plan a trip for vacation for example, when you don’t know exactly where you want to go.


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