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Dynamic Javascript localization with Gettext and PHP

Disclaimer: The following is intolerably technical and doesn’t really have anything at all to do with flying.  Non-geeks, please head straight for the emergency exit.

Now, for the few brave people who are actually interested in the intricacies of Javascript localization…

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State of the Data at 100,000 flights

One hundred thousand!  (100,588 as I type this, to be quite precise.)  That’s how many flights have now been entered into OpenFlights.  Let’s see how the current statistics compare to what we had at 50,000 just a few short months back, shall we?

Top 10 Airlines

Airline 50k rank World rank
1 United Airlines 1 2
2 Lufthansa 2 6
3 Continental Airlines 4 (+1) 4
4 American Airlines 3 (-1) 1
5 Delta Air Lines 5 2
6 British Airways 7 (+1) 9
7 Northwest Airlines 8 (+1) 7
8 US Airways 6 (-2) ?
9 Scandinavian Airlines new ?
10 Air France 13 (+3) 5

Not a huge difference to last time, with United and Lufthansa still duking it out for the top spot.  Air France clambers onto the list, so 8 of the world’s top 10 are now represented, with only #8 Southwest (#19 of OF) and #10 Singapore (#13 on OF) still missing the cut.

Top 10 Airports

Airport 50k rank World rank
1 Frankfurt Main (FRA) 2 (+1) 9
2 London-Heathrow (LHR) 3 (+1) 2
3 Chicago Ohare Intl (ORD) 1 (-2) 3
4 Houston-George Bush Intcntl (IAH) 5 (+1) 16
5 Munchen (MUC) 4 (-1) 27
6 Los Angeles Intl (LAX) 8 (+2) 6
7 Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS) new 19
8 Atlanta-Hartsfield 12 (+4) 1
9 New York-John F Kennedy Intl (JFK) 6 (-3) 13
10 San Francisco Intl (SFO) 10 19

Frankfurt and London-Heathrow push Chicago out of the top spot.  World #1 Atlanta enters the list at #5, but despite Air France’s success in the airline category, world #5 Paris-CDG slips off the list to #12 and is replaced by Amsterdam.  Still no sign of world #4 Tokyo-Haneda.

What next?

Now in development are a few features that will start to leverage on this mass of data.  Up first, the ability to check what airlines fly to a given airport and what routes they operate on.  Stay tuned!

Forward to the future,


Banners, blog badges and forum signatures

Some of our users have been asking for a way to add OpenFlights stats to their websites, blogs or forum signatures.  Wait no longer, banners are now here!  Here’s mine:

Banner contents update automatically every hour.  They can be used with HTML markup (used by web and blog pages):

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' width=400 height=70></a>

With PHPbb markup (for bulletin boards):


Or as a simple hotlinked image:

In all the three cases above, substitute in your OpenFlights username for “yourname”.  Easier yet, just login to your OpenFlights account and click Settings, and it will generate the markup for you.

Anything else you’d like to see in a banner?  Smaller, larger, more data?  Let us know.

Flying the flag,