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OpenFlights now in Chinese! 欢迎光临OpenFlights中文版!

OpenFlights has just added over one billion potential users, thanks to a Chinese translation by sscat.  This means that OpenFlights is now available in 12 different languages, and we’re still looking for more — if you can help, take a look at the instructions!  It’s easy and no programming skills are needed.  You can also use the same instructions to edit existing translations if you find something that looks a bit funny.

And if you’re curious, here’s a breakdown of the current user base by language, with an estimate of the language’s share of Internet users in 2011 in parentheses:

  • English 75.7% (26.8%)
  • German 8.1% (3.6%)
  • Russian 8.0% (3.0%)
  • French 3.4% (3.0%)
  • Portuguese 1.1% (3.9%)
  • Spanish 0.9% (7.8%)
  • Finnish 0.9% (n/a)
  • Swedish 0.4% (n/a)
  • Japanese 0.2% (4.7%)
  • Chinese 0.1% (24.2%) — but hey, it’s only been a few days!
  • Lithuanian 0.03% (n/a)

As it turns out, the only top 10 languages not supported by OpenFlights yet are Arabic (#7) and Korean (#10).  Help us fill these gaps!

Polyglottally yours,