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Yet another Facebook application issue

It’s only been a few weeks since we last pestered you, but it turns out our changes to the Facebook app weren’t quite enough, and that for a certain set of users flight notifications were still not working properly.  This time, though, we’re pretty sure we’ve got it licked, so let’s try this one last time — or so I hope.  Please go to:

If it says “Automatic refreshing active” at the bottom, the app should be working fine and no action is needed.  However, if it says “Step 1“, then please follow the instructions: click the link, grant the “publish” and “remember me” permissions, and then “Activate/Update preferences”.  You should get a “Thank you!” box after this, and then the application should finally work.  And if it doesn’t…  let us know!

<geek> Turns out that publish_stream isn’t enough, offline_access is required as well before Facebook will deign to grant a session key usable for offline stream publishing, and we were recording the wrong, temporary ones. Fortunately, we can request both and use the users_hasAppPermission() call to verify that the permission has duly been granted before recording the session key, and everything should now be peachy keen. </geek>

Facepalmed by Facebook,