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Facebook change: Profile box out, application tab in

Facebook, in their grandmotherly kindness, has once again decided to break the OpenFlights Facebook application.  Today’s change is that the “profile box” we’ve come to know and love is going away on August 23, 2010:

And it will be replaced by the profile “application tab”, visible only if you browse to the user’s profile and click on the “OpenFlights” tab there:

To add the application tab to your profile, browse to, look for “Step 3: Click the button below to add the OpenFlights application tab to your Facebook profile”, click the button and follow the instructions.  Once done, you should have a new tab in your Profile, and the application should tell you “You have added the OpenFlights application tab to your profile” (you may need to reload the page once to see this).

While this is a hassle, the change is not all bad, since at least from now on we’ll have 520 pixels to play with (instead of the previous 184), so we’re open to suggestions to what we should do with our new real estate.  Something like the “Analyze” stats and charts, perhaps?  Alas, enabling a full-fledged “slippy map” like the website is still out of the question, as Facebook’s JavaScript support is far too crippled for the OpenLayers goodness we would need to implement it.

Losing face,