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Ahora disponible en español, agora disponível em português

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OpenFlights has just launched two very important language versions:

  • Spanish (español), courtesy of Luis F Nueckel
  • Portuguese (português), courtesy of László de Miranda Pinto

A round of applause to our volunteers, and please do help spread the word by posting to blogs and aviation forums in these languages.

OpenFlights is already available in 11 languages spanning the globe, but there are still many others left.  Want to help us add another language? It’s easier than you think, just take a look at the instructions and let us know if you’re interested.

* * *

In other news, the OpenFlights team will be going on summer vacation for the next few weeks and recording a few flights of their own, so responses may be a little less lightning-fast than usual.  We’ll be back in full force by mid-August.

Enjoy relaxing time,

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