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Route mapping improvements

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Just a quick heads-up for a few route mapping improvements:

  • Airline maps now default to not showing codeshare flights, which makes them much clearer and faster to load and manipulate for most airlines.  If you do want to display codeshares as well, just toggle the Carrier filter from “XX-operated” to “XX and codeshares”.
  • Airlines without IATA codes and those deemed “inactive” (with no known routes and no flights in the past few years) no longer show up in Quick Search results, since there are no route maps for these and thus nothing to display.  (They are still accessible as usual from the flight editor though.)
  • The maps are no longer resized to fit when you change the airline filter, which makes switching between airlines quite a bit faster.

Two small bugs were also swatted:

  • Searches for airports with no known routes work again, so you can at least see where in the world it is.
  • Airports are now only ghosted if they are entirely codeshare destinations.

And one more known issue:

  • Currently OpenFlights does not distinguish between actual and codeshared routes when counting an airport’s routes, leading to some double-counting .  After some deliberation, I’ve decided to keep it this way, mostly due a limitation in the route data: there are quite a few cases where we know that airline X has a codeshare on a route, but we do not have the actual operating carrier’s data.  Filtering out codeshares would remove these from the map entirely, which would be — in my opinion — a larger problem than the incorrect count.

Any more bugs to fix or improvements you’d like to see?  Drop us a line.

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