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OpenFlights migrated to new production server


OpenFlights has been successfully moved to a new production server today.  While there shouldn’t be much in the way of user-visible changes, the new server is twice as fast as the old one, which should provide a bit of a boost for some operations.  The long-broken blog navigation has also been repaired, and as a cherry on top, a bunch of bugs involving Tripit imports, most notably timezones, have been fixed.  That said, the upgrade involved moving to a new version of Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, MySQL and even WordPress, so there may be gremlins lurking in the machine.  Please report any bugs or oddities!

Also, if you’ve ever thought about setting up your own little copy of OpenFlights (you did know it’s open source, right?), there’s now a completely rewritten installation guide that walks you through getting it up and running on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

New and improved,


2 thoughts on “OpenFlights migrated to new production server

  1. Did something change to uploading CSV files with flight information. I keep getting “import failed”

    Anyone else having this problem? Worked last week.


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