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German, Lithuanian, Polish and Swedish are here!

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Today, I have the great pleasure of almost doubling the number of languages supported by OpenFlights.  Now launched are:

A round of applause to our volunteers, and please do help spread the word by posting to aviation forums in these languages.  Corrections and additions to the existing translations are also welcome, the Polish translation in particular is still a little incomplete.

But the job is not over yet, we’re always looking for new languages to add.  Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese or Arabic, anyone?  As a reminder, translation is quick, easy and non-technical, and instructions can be found here.

And a minor note: we’ve changed a few icons in the interface to make them clearer.  Now you can click on the top right corner  for map options, or the lower right corner for the minimap control.

Paskutinieji pridėti skrydžiai,

One thought on “German, Lithuanian, Polish and Swedish are here!

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