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Airport and airline databases released


One of the largest hurdles to getting OpenFlights off the ground was getting good airport and airline data.  The FAA’s DAFIF has not been available to the public since 2006, apparently because the Australians demanded money for their data, and most other airport lists floating around are badly out of date — one of the main sources we used still assumed the Soviet Union existed.  Commercial providers, on the other hand, wanted hundreds or even thousands of dollars for dubious lists of unknown provenance.

I’m thus tickled pink to announce that the airport and airline databases built for OpenFlights, both by the dev team and our users, are now available to the public, naturally under the Open Database License.  The map above shows 5391 airports in the current release (click for a larger view), and there are 5971 airlines to go with them.  Each airport entry contains the name, city, country, IATA/FAA code, ICAO code, coordinates, timezone and daylight savings rule, while each airline has the name, a possible alias, IATA code, ICAO code, callsign and country.  Best of all, our data is stress-tested and updated on a continuous basis: if an airport is missing, wrongly named or in the wrong place, our users will let us know ASAP.

We’ve also turned OpenFlights’s search windows into little stand-alone tools that can be used for searching without logging in.  Check them out, and bookmark them if you find them handy:

OpenFlights Airport Search

OpenFlights Airline Search

Updated: The airport database has been updated with 1000 new airports from, an excellent public-domain airport mapping resource with over 40,000 airports, heliports and landing strips listed in their freely downloadable database.  The license has also been changed from GNU Affero to the more suitable Open Database License.

One for the treble and two for the database,

6 thoughts on “Airport and airline databases released

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  2. Getting a failure notice for the About page’s send to address of “info [at]”

    I am trying to add the IATA code WKL, which is Waikoloa Heliport at Waikoloa Village, Hawaii (on the big island). It’s the northern base for Blue Hawaiian tours on the Big Island of Hawaii, so quite a lot of people use it, and it has an IATA code, so it’s not a “secret base”. 😉

    Input the info, searches came up with nothing, so tried to add it, but it says I have to be signed on to do that function. I am signed on as I am in the process of importing. I logged off and signed on again, re-entered and still failed with the message I have to be signed in.

    Thank you for your assistance,



    City: Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, Hawaii, United States
    Name: Waikoloa Heliport
    FAA: HI07

    Type: Heliport
    Use: Private
    Latitude: 19°54’49″N (19.913616)
    Longitude: 155°51’50″W (-155.863884)
    Datum: WGS 1984
    Elevation: 109 ft (33 m)

    Timezone: UTC-10
    Local Time: 12 Feb 2009 20:31 HST


  3. Thanks for the feedback! I’m not sure what the problem with the e-mail address was, it’s working fine for me?

    To add airports in OpenFlights, you have to log into your OpenFlights and trigger the airport search dialog “as you” by clicking on the or icons; simply opening the link directly in another window will not work. I’ll see what I can do to clarify this and/or make it work both ways, but at any rate, WKL/HI07 is now added.


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  5. Is the Search Engine “OpenFlights: Airport search” downloadable to be used off-line in my personal computer which is strictly dedicated to Flight Simulation?


  6. Yes, but it requires an Apache/PHP/MySQL environment to run, and thus isn’t really suitable for casual users. You may find the Airline Route Mapper to be more suitable:


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