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  1. I would like to have the lines connecting to different destinations in different colours or line breaks. Is this possible? Kindly advise. Thanks and best regards.


  2. Hi,
    I am trying to link the various data files together using the ID fields. I find they do not index correctly.
    For example:
    in routes :
    Airline AirlineIdx SourceAirport SourceAirportIdx DestinationAirport DestinationAirportIdx 2L 2750 BRS 490 ZRH 1678
    in airlines :
    AirlineIdx AirlineName AirlineCode FlightCode HostCountry
    2750 Heritiage Flight (Valley Air Services) SSH SNOWSHOE United States
    From the website, I figured that 2L is the code for Helvetic Airlines. When I check routes for 2L, the map shows no routes.
    So my questions are:
    (1) why do the Airlines ID fields not index correctly? or am I missing something?
    (2) why is there a difference between what I see on the website and what I see in the routes field?



  3. Any chance we might see an iOS App to add flights quickly on the go?


  4. Great web; but I write in order to report that there’s a non included flight, from TGU (Tegucigalpa) to Managua – Nicaragua, with La Costeña airlines (everyday).

    Best regards,



  5. Hi, I have seen the data files and you have done a superb job. Now I have a question. I want to create a mobile app from where user can search for airports and see routes on map. I have downloaded the file. Can I use it in my app free of charge? Do I have to mention in app that I am using data from your site? I have read the license page but did not got it. Can you please help?


  6. Thanks for making this wonderful service!
    I record my flight, share it with my friends and enjoy it.

    But sometimes the airline information seems to be wrong.
    If I want to report this, where can I contact you?


  7. I want to add a flight from the airport Nice (NCE), but it is impossible. What’s the problem? Please correct!


  8. Hi,

    Do you have any plans to include the flight number on each route? This would be useful to allow an open source alternative to some of the commercial flight number lookup facilities out there.



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