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Route mapping the world


So far OpenFlights has been all about mapping your own travels and seeing where others have been to, but today, we’ve taken a big step in making it your tool of choice for travel planning as well.   Now, you can click on any airport and see every single scheduled flight:

OpenFlights route map

For easy access to this, we’ve added a Quick search widget, shown expanded above but normally hiding in the bottom-right corner under the icon.  Here’s how to use it, in two easy steps:

  1. Enter the airport name, city or IATA code in the box.  OpenFlights will automatically suggest matches as you type, and if the airport is already shown on the map, OpenFlights will pop it up.
  2. Once you’ve entered a valid name, the Search button becomes active.  If you click on this, OpenFlights will load a route map showing all flights from that airport.

But there’s more!  In the popup for every airport, there’s now a Routes button, which you can also use to see the map.  If you click on the List button for the mapped airport (via popup or the top left corner), you’ll get a list of all flights operating from there; if you click on that button for another airport, you’ll get a list of all airlines connecting the two, even including codeshares.

In these route listings, you’ll see little buttons, which will take you to flight booking site with a preloaded search for the airports and airline that you have selected.  Buy your ticket from here, and OpenFlights get a little commission; just another little way to help support the site.

So, with the good stuff out of the way, it’s time to confess to a few things that we can’t do, at least not yet.

  • The route map covers routes, not schedules.  We don’t know exact flight days, times or route numbers; however, click through to Kayak, and it can usually tell you.
  • The route map covers non-stop flights only.  Singapore Airlines flies SIN-ICN-SFO, but if you click on SIN, you’ll only see the first leg.
  • The route map does not support route finding.  If there’s no direct connection, we can’t find it for you… yet.
  • Route maps are offered per airport, not per airline (although this is on the to-do list).
  • Filters, Analyze, Top 10 etc don’t work on route maps (yet?).  If you try to use them, it will just show you the data for your flights.

Last but by no means least, our thanks to our colleagues at Airline Route Mapper; without their amazing 53,000-route data file, this would never have been possible.

Routing for victory,

9 thoughts on “Route mapping the world

  1. This is really awesome. The only glaring issue I can see (so far) is that codeshares are not distinguished from operating carriers.


  2. Thanks for both the praise and the bug report! Codeshares are now shown in the detailed flight view, will check if the flight counts can be adjusted to exclude them as well.


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  5. Amazing really! but why are there some regular airlines without any flights or simply not showing on your list like Asky ( a very important subsidiary of ET ) or Aerocaribbean and Aerogaviota from Cuba, to name just a few?

    How often do you update the information?


  6. first of all, congrats, this site is fantastic, I loved importing my data here (and couldn’t believe how easy it was to do it from flightmemory even with my 238 flights. One quick question: i noticed a destination missing from my home airport at CLJ, what’s the process for adding a route that’s missing? the one I’m talking about is CLJ-TLV. Thanks and keep up the great work


  7. Amazing job with the website i recently discovered. I dont know if its a bug but i noticed a airport that is normally served by an airline isnt showing on the map. I realize nothing is perfect but through trial and error, this website is pretty awesome. Great work!


  8. Greetings, great site and the visual clarity it awesome. Really nice job.
    Question: Would it be possible to make a http query that would display individual airports and their routes, similar to the command to display data via the GC Mapper and Google Earth, but actually for your site?


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